At Black Horse Productions we firmly believe that our 3 "C"s are the foundation of our success. We bring all three to each and every project in order to provide our clients the best product in our industry.

This is the backbone of today's advertising world. If it doesn't stand out, it won't be remembered. Our work does! Entertaining and informative scripts, eye-catching design and innovative copywriting are our “bread and butter” so pull up a chair – dinner is served.

The staff at Black Horse Productions brings over 30 years of collective experience into play, and features award-winning customer-service, sales and creative skills. Our staff is comprised of top performers from both the creative services industry and the media. With inside knowledge of the newspaper, print and broadcast media businesses, we are uniquely positioned to provide the appropriate strategy and implementation of your campaign to reach your customer base with the top efficiency. If you're looking for a company with the know-how and the knack, look no further.

This is what truly sets Black Horse Productions apart from other advertising and marketing firms. While other agencies may provide adequate creative campaigns, or equal years of experience - few firms (if any) operate like we do. Our relationship with the media, and our keen observation of our competition have given us the opportunity to provide you, our client, an unheard-of arrangement - direct access to the financial side of Advertising.

Black Horse Productions works on a "Bill and Remit" policy with all media vendors. This means that we will negotiate the best possible rate from the media on your behalf, place your advertisement - and not touch your media money! Our "media-buying" compensation comes from the media, not our clients. The media will bill you, the client, directly, so you will always know where your dollars are going - never any question about "upcharging" or "padding a bill" at Black Horse Productions. The third “C” could just as well stand for “CONFIDENCE” - since that is what Black Horse Productions provides.

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